Commonly asked questions:

What is the hourly rate?  $10 per hour.  Depending on circumstances you can likely expect a rebate payable by Centrelink before you see your bill.  I can give you an estimate of out of pocket fees if you provide me with your Centrelink %’s.  Casual bookings are billed at $12 per hour.  Most families are eligible for Government rebates.

What does this cover?  Most excursions, wipes, meals and snacks.  I may invite families to approve special excursions that may attract an additional fee.

Are there other costs?  You pay Lady Gowrie Family Day Care a one off set up fee of $30 per family.  This is transferrable between Lady Gowrie Tasmania day carers and care centers.  Families pay $8 to LG FDC each week of care used for administrative costs.


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What if my child is not immunised?  If your child is not immunised you will not be eligible for rebates via Centrelink.

How many children are in your care?  In Australia registered carers may book up to 4 children who are not yet attending school.  A total of 7 children up to and including age 12 may be in care at one time.  While I rarely have ‘full quota’ in my care I find that magic happens when we have older children mixing with younger children in this compassionate environment.

What hours can be booked?  A block of ten hrs is available, with after school being available as a 4 hour block.  Start and finish times can be negotiated.  Currently I have 8:15am and 7:15am starts and 6:30pm finishes.  eg. book 7:15am to 5:15pm, 8:30am to 6:30pm.

Which schools do you pick up from? I currently collect from Tarremah and Campbell Street Schools.  Ask me about pick ups from your child’s school.

Do you do before school drop offs?  Before school care can be negotiated depending on the needs of families.

All above information is correct as of July 2017.

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