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Re-opening in Zeehan!

Great news:

Friendship Tree Day Care will shortly be opening in Zeehan.  Proudly registered with Coastal Family Day Care scheme.  Venue to be announced shortly.

I will offer:

  • After School Care
  • A 10 hour day (hours will be confirmed following consultation with customers).
  • A shorter day (about 6.5  hours) to be confirmed following consultation with customers.
  • Initially opening Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Open some Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
  • I will be seeking a suitably experienced and qualified person to support as a Relief Educator, enabling me to offer regular Mondays and Fridays
  • Shift workers?  Enquire about potential for over night and after hours care.




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What customers are saying…

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“Many thanks to Rachel for creating Friendship Tree Daycare and providing such conscientious care to my four-year old son. Rachel is genuine in her efforts to find out what it is that a child needs and to support them in their own trajectory of development. I am very happy to recommend Rachel’s services to any parent or carer. The space, the relationships, the play and the extra efforts have made Friendship Tree a very positive experience for our family.” – Haidee Browning




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At Friendship Tree Day Care you can expect a safe, comfortable and fun home environment.  Your child will be supported as they explore and learn.


My style is influenced by Reggio Emilia style education.  I am also passionate about the importance of empathy in care and education, and you will notice a Waldorf Steiner influence in the resources and environment offered.

What this means for you and your children is:

  • children lead their learning
  • I support play based learning throughout your child’s day because children have the greatest sense of wellbeing and are most motivated while playing.
  • children are supported in their chosen path of discovery
  • children learn from nature
  • the care environment is uncluttered, looks appealing, and features natural materials
  • I provide a loving, nurturing environment that is inclusive and respectful
  • my focus is on meeting needs (yours, mine, and your child’s), be that for fun, food, rest, self expression etc.
  • I am not judgmental.  I strive to honor our unique strengths and experiences, and I am motivated to collaborate with you for the best outcomes for your child.
  • I provide ‘passive’ toys that support brain development toward creativity, resourcefulness, independence, and sticking power

I have Cert III in Early Childhood Care and Education.  I first opened my Family Day Care business in Feb 2016.  I had previously established and run a weekly playgroup and family day.  I have current First Aid with anaphylaxis and asthma training.  I have studied NVC (‘the language of connection’). I have my Working With Children clearance.  I attend additional training throughout the year.  Plus, my own four children trained me VERY well!  I am very excited to be offering care on Tassie’s beautiful West Coast.

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Know your National Quality Framework

Follow the link to ACECQA and a library of info especially for parents:

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  1. “Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do. Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.” -Mark Twain

Follow the leader – what one year old wouldn’t love being ‘the leader’?!



  1. "Play keeps us vital and alive. It gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable. Without it, life just doesn’t taste good” -Lucia Capocchione

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